Sean Murphy - One Bird, One Stone

05/22/2013 6:00 pm

Sean Murphy is the author of One Bird, One Stone.

Drawn from the archives of major Zen centers in America and interviews with some of the most seminal figures of American Zen, including Philip Kapleau, Bernie Glassman, and Walter Nowick, One Bird, One Stone presents notable encounters between teachers and students, the moments of insight and wisdom, the quotable quotes, and the humor of Zen as it has flowered in America over the last hundred-plus years. The book had its genesis in the many contemporary Zen stories Murphy had heard over the years from his teachers and fellow practitioners. Murphy came to realize that although many collections of traditional Zen stories had been published in the west, he had never encountered a comprehensive collection of purely western stories from a variety of lineages.

Sean Murphy is the founder and director of The Sage Institute for the Environment, Creativity, and Consciousness. He has taught at Naropa and frequently with Natalie Goldberg. He teaches meditation, creative writing and literature for UNM-Taos, and also teaches for IAIA.


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