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Start: 10:45 am
Collected Works Bookstore is pleased to offer a 45-minute Story Time session every Wednesday and Thursday at 10.45am! Featured books cater to children aged 6 months to 5 years. Most sessions begin with simple but engaging books for the youngest listeners, and build to longer picture books, rhyming poems, our newest favorites, and classics for the "big kids." As attention spans vary, families are welcome to come and go as they wish throughout Story Time--- we are delighted to host the group to its saturation point! Occasionally, we break into song if the children need movement or a change of pace. We also encourage dialogue as the stories are read and the audience's curiousity is piqued. All children must be accompanied and supervised by an adult throughout the Story Time. Please come enjoy our gatherings and follow up with a visit to our cafe; nothing goes with a good story like a great snack!
Start: 6:00 pm
Collected Works presents Albuquerque author T. Zane Reeves, Ph.D. for a reading of his latest book, Shoes Along the Danube.  Based on a true story, the book follows the lives for two Hungarian families, the Rézlers and the Földes, one gentile and the other Jewish, through three decades.  Reeves will be presenting in conversation with Billie Blair, President of the Santa Fe Community Foundation. Shoes Along the Danube begins in pre-World War II Budapest, as Hungary allies with Nazi Germany.  The story builds through the siege of Budapest, the Russian occupation of Hungary, and separation by exile.  Throughout this tumultuous period, Julius Rézler is a rising star among Budapest academics who refuses to compromise his integrity by leaving the country. His American half-brother, Francis, is a diplomat helping democratic Hungarians fight Nazis, and later organizes covert activities against the communists. Agnes Földes is a Jewish woman who fights to maintain her dignity during the Holocaust. Bryan Dawson, Executive Chairman of the American Hungarian Federation, calls Shoes Along the Danube "a fascinating, honest look at lives intertwined with the history unfolding around them...  [It] is a most fitting allegory for all those that left their lives behind." T. Zane Reeves, Ph.D. taught at Pepperdine University and California State University, Dominquez Hills, before moving to the University of New Mexico.  He frequently visits Hungary, where he is a board member of the Julius Rezler foundation in Budapest.  His six published titles include From Budapest to Albuquerque: The American Life of Julius Rezler.  
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